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Garage Door Repair in Eastern Shore

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broken garage door

Overhead Door & Operator offers garage door repair in Eastern Shore and the local area. We have serviced the entire Baldwin County area for years. We know that the last thing you want to do is sit home all day waiting on a repair man. That is why we offer 2 hour time slots with a 30 minute call ahead to pinpoint our arrival time. When choosing a company, choose a name that you know and can trust like Overhead Door & Operator. Once we arrive at your home we will fully explain the repair before we start so that you know what you are getting done. Contact us at 251-928-1135. We offer many services in your area but here are a couple issues we commonly see:

Broken limit switch

A broken limit switch can cause your garage door to completely stop operating after a while. Usually due to regular maintenance issues, the garage door opener contains a limit switch which tells the garage door how far to open or close. This often leads to a gap on the bottom of the garage door. Garage doors can break panels when the limit switch doesn’t work properly resulting in the door having rough impact with the concrete.

Stripped couplers

A coupler on your opener is the piece that connects the motor to the drive system on the opener. The most common reason for a broken coupler is from lack of maintenance to the door. When the door is not running smoothly the opener takes on a lot of extra resistance and the weakest point on the opener is the coupler, so over time it breaks.

Overhead Door & Operator offers the following products and services to our Eastern Shore AL garage door customers:

We solve the following issues:

checkGarage Door Repair & Installation

checkReplace Broken Springs

checkWayne Dalton Steel Garage Doors

checkLiftMaster Garage Door Openers

checkRepair Broken Cables

checkReplace Panels

checkReplace Remotes

checkRepair Stripped Gears

checkProvide Hurricane Kits

Learn why we are first choice to fix or replace broken garage doors in the area!

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