Garage Door Repair in Pensacola

What is the Difference between a Torsion Spring and an Extension Spring?

A Garage Door has 2 types of Springs.
1) The Torsion Spring is located in a shaft above your garage door.
2) The Extension spring are small springs attached to the sides of the garage door. 

When you open and close your garage door, the top Torsion spring winds and unwinds in order to lift the garage door.

The Extension spring will expand when the door opens and closes. 

Both springs are under a lot of pressure and this repair should be handled by a professional, such as Overhead Door & Operator in Pensacola.

We offer a $68 service call to come out to your home, inspect and provide maintenance to your door. If anything is broken while we are out, you will only pay for the parts needed. 

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