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Dustin Oliver (Bossman)
Dustin Oliver (Bossman)
14:14 11 May 21
Called before arrival, showed up on time. Was fast and efficient while still maintaining quality. Did a couple extra... things while there and answered all my more
Angela Batson
Angela Batson
20:55 14 Apr 21
Awesome, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service for a great price! Took care of my garage door issues in no time.... I would highly recommend. I will definitely call them again for all my garage door needs in the more
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall
14:59 25 Mar 21
Great experience. Ryan was quick and thorough and now my garage door works great. Thanks Ryan and Overhead Door!
Henry A Williams III
Henry A Williams III
03:37 13 Jan 21
Called for appt. and the tech was out the next morning about 9:30. Which was good since the window for the tech to show... was between 9-12am. A broken spring had to be replaced, and the tech finished in about 30 min. When I requested repair, I was not asked the brand of the door or size of the garage door I have. I don't know if springs are all universal so I don't know if the size is correct. I wasn't here for the install or to ask questions. My wife was at home for the work to be done. Overall the service was very good. I can not say if the price was reasonable since I did not price shop. Although I went on reviews, and that this company is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating with no customer more
eddie mayo
eddie mayo
15:17 08 Jan 21
Service technician was awesome! Went right to work and hustled through the entire repair. Great work ethic and very... polite. Have used Overhead for all garage door repairs and replacement and have always been completely satisfied. Well done!read more
Kevin McCauley
Kevin McCauley
16:20 07 Dec 20
My wife said your associate was friendly, professional, and prompt!! We appreciate his hard work and attention to... detail!!read more
Joseph Stella
Joseph Stella
20:42 10 Jul 20
The flat pricing service call was nice as well as the Military Discount. Garage door works as good as new.
Michael Lindhorst
Michael Lindhorst
12:08 29 Jun 20
On time, knowledgeable, got our door rapidly back in working order. Provided options from repair and adjustment through... more
Jason Smith
Jason Smith
14:45 10 Jun 20
The guys at Overhead Door were Great! On time, thorough and very detailed. My technician addressed the matter at hand... and inspected the entire door to ensure everything was working properly. I highly recommend more
Tim Welch
Tim Welch
10:59 29 May 20
The Tech was on-time, friendly, and very knowledgeable and very helpful and engaging when I would ask a question. Even... pointed out a hurricane feature on my door I didn't know I had. Will use them again if I need anything for my Garage more
Marcos Rodriguez
Marcos Rodriguez
16:19 19 May 20
Staff was extremely friendly upon service request. Technician came out during his 2 hour window and was honest on the... work required. Definitely will use again on our other more
SLJA Wooten
SLJA Wooten
22:04 30 Apr 20
Service person was extremely helpful. We will definitely use your company for any future needs. Beside just... identifying and fixing issue , he was very helpful in educating us on proper maintenance we should be doing to prolong the door life . I was also impressed with how quickly you all returned my call to schedule appointment as well as how quickly your service person came out. Thank you!read more
Lovely J
Lovely J
14:46 31 Mar 20
Overhead did a great job. The installer was very nice, prompt, and professional. It was a seamless process to pay and... everything considering what is going on with the virus. The tech took safety measures he wore gloves and we stayed so many feet away. He didn't get offended with me wiping and Lysoling everything down. Lolread more
parrishs8 .
parrishs8 .
13:26 29 Mar 20
I was able to get an appointment the day after I called. The tech who arrived quickly found the problem and gave me two... options for repair, including the cost of each. Also, I was given a discount for being a military retiree. Great company!read more
Josh Dannelley
Josh Dannelley
00:28 05 Oct 16
They came out to my house after we moved because my door wouldn't work properly. They recommended a new door and... within a week they were out to replace it. They did a great job installing my new door! Great company!read more
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Man Doing Garage Door Repair-Garage Door Repair

What You Should Know About Garage Door Maintenance in Pensacola, Florida

Home and property owners in Pensacola, Florida rely on their garage doors to keep their homes and belongings safe from intruders. Homeowners also like the convenience garage doors bring to entering and exiting their homes. Because garage doors play such an essential role in our everyday lives, we need to always keep them functioning in optimal conditions. 

Pensacola with its sunny climate and salty sea air poses a number of potential issues for the garage door and its various mechanisms. This is where having a little insider tip from the experts in Pensacola garage door maintenance can save you time, effort, and cash in the long run. 

The following is what you need to know about keeping your garage doors in tip-top conditions. 

Why Do I Need Regular Garage Door Maintenance? 

That top-notch garage door that you selected for your garage is not a set-it-and-forget-it appliance. As a responsible homeowner, you will want to keep your garage door functioning at its best for many years. 

The salt air here in Pensacola can bring some setbacks to the mechanical and functional appliances of your home like your HVAC and your Garage Doors. 

Salty sea air is highly corrosive and can affect the metal components of your garage door faster than if you were living in Arizona, for example. To avoid the early deterioration of your doors and ensure that you face few problems over the years, be sure to plan a regular Garage Door maintenance visit from your Pensacola Garage Door Professionals at Overhead Door & Operator. 

Naturally, solving problems before they happen may seem like an unnecessary hassle to your life and pocketbook. But just check out the following benefits from regular garage door maintenance

The Top 5 Benefits of Planned Garage Door Maintenance

  1.       Save Cash and Time

The most important aspect of regular garage door maintenance is the skill and knowledge these professionals can provide. In addition to inspecting the performance of your garage door and its mechanisms, your repair professionals from Overhead Door And Operator will provide you with some important DIY maintenance techniques that can help you spot small errors and apply solutions without having to call the professionals. 

This ensures that your garage will suffer the least amount of wear and tear over the years and ultimately leads to a longer-lasting unit. Fewer malfunctions will mean that your time and finances are preserved over the lifespan of your garage door. 

  1.     Improved Security

Perhaps it is the state of the economy, or maybe just lazy human nature, but Pensacola is not without its fair share of criminals. Your garage door is an essential part of keeping your home safe from such intruders. But, if your garage door cannot close properly, or can be opened without proper protocol, your home becomes defenseless and easy to attack. 

Furthermore, the garage door can be an especially heavy and potentially dangerous appliance. There have been far too many stories where small pets and children have become injured due to garage doors closing without proper control. Only regular inspections can ensure that these unguarded moments are completely avoided.  

  1.     It extends the lifespan of your garage door

A top-quality garage door can last for a full 15 to 20 years if it is well-maintained. But, this impressive lifespan is not the norm here in Pensacola. If you hope to beat the wear and tear of the elements and strain of regular use, you will need to apply proper garage door maintenance. Making sure that all the individual mechanisms and components of your garage door are working together like a well-oiled machine, is the only way to get the most longevity from your garage door. 

  1.       Improved Property Value

The garage door is not the most important or valuable part of the home. Nevertheless, it is a crucially important part of home life and you can expect your home buyers to consider the garage door when looking over the property. If your garage door opens and closes properly and has a great curb appeal, you will look better to potential home buyers. 

  1.       Owner’s Insights

One of the most important advantages you will gain from our knowledgeable garage door experts is how to properly care for and use your garage door. You can expect our garage door maintenance to leave you in better control of your garage door’s function and lifespan. After the inspection is complete, you can work with the experts to plan a maintenance program that will maximize the value of your garage door and its life span. 

Planned Garage Door Maintenance: What to Expect from Overhead Door & Operator Services

If you have been eye-balling your garage door for signs of repair and cringing at every squeal and screech, don’t wait another day. Call up our Pensacola Garage Door Experts and restore your garage door to its original functionality. 

Here is what you can expect from professional garage door maintenance by Overhead Door & Operator: 

Inspection – the first step will be to inspect the entire garage door and call components. This will help us identify small problems, potential weak spots, and provide a plan for proper maintenance. 

Adjustments – there are pulleys, rollers, cables, nuts, and bolts that hold your garage door in place and ensure a smooth and easy movement. These can be too loose or tight and will need to be adjusted by an expert to work properly. 

Lubricating – Garage door lubrication is of utmost importance for your Pensacola garage door. This not only works to keep the moving parts working fluidly but keeps your metal components safe from salt air wear down. 

Testing – after the adjustments and lubrication have been adjusted, it is time to make sure the whole thing is working like a dream. This means testing the electronic components and ensuring the movement of the garage door is balanced. 

Alignment – the garage door has an advanced system of sensors and anti-entrapment features that are essential to proper function. An expert from our company will ensure that these are kept in proper function. 

Final Inspections – we don’t call it a day until we have checked and re-checked all moving parts and important garage door features, we will check the weather stripping and the remote sensors and radio controls. 

Garage Door Maintenance With Overhead Door And Operator

Overhead Door & Operator is committed to helping home and property owners in Pensacola to protect and maintain their garage doors. Despite the damage from the elements and strain of regular use, your garage door can last its full lifetime and present few problems when addressed by our knowledgeable experts. Call us today to learn more about our reputable garage door services.

Get A Free Consultation

We are more than happy to give you a free consultation. We will come out to take a thorough look at the problems with your garage door and give you advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs. Give us a call and we will come discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is free!

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