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Dustin Oliver (Bossman)
Dustin Oliver (Bossman)
14:14 11 May 21
Called before arrival, showed up on time. Was fast and efficient while still maintaining quality. Did a couple extra... things while there and answered all my more
Angela Batson
Angela Batson
20:55 14 Apr 21
Awesome, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service for a great price! Took care of my garage door issues in no time.... I would highly recommend. I will definitely call them again for all my garage door needs in the more
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall
14:59 25 Mar 21
Great experience. Ryan was quick and thorough and now my garage door works great. Thanks Ryan and Overhead Door!
Henry A Williams III
Henry A Williams III
03:37 13 Jan 21
Called for appt. and the tech was out the next morning about 9:30. Which was good since the window for the tech to show... was between 9-12am. A broken spring had to be replaced, and the tech finished in about 30 min. When I requested repair, I was not asked the brand of the door or size of the garage door I have. I don't know if springs are all universal so I don't know if the size is correct. I wasn't here for the install or to ask questions. My wife was at home for the work to be done. Overall the service was very good. I can not say if the price was reasonable since I did not price shop. Although I went on reviews, and that this company is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating with no customer more
eddie mayo
eddie mayo
15:17 08 Jan 21
Service technician was awesome! Went right to work and hustled through the entire repair. Great work ethic and very... polite. Have used Overhead for all garage door repairs and replacement and have always been completely satisfied. Well done!read more
Kevin McCauley
Kevin McCauley
16:20 07 Dec 20
My wife said your associate was friendly, professional, and prompt!! We appreciate his hard work and attention to... detail!!read more
Joseph Stella
Joseph Stella
20:42 10 Jul 20
The flat pricing service call was nice as well as the Military Discount. Garage door works as good as new.
Michael Lindhorst
Michael Lindhorst
12:08 29 Jun 20
On time, knowledgeable, got our door rapidly back in working order. Provided options from repair and adjustment through... more
Jason Smith
Jason Smith
14:45 10 Jun 20
The guys at Overhead Door were Great! On time, thorough and very detailed. My technician addressed the matter at hand... and inspected the entire door to ensure everything was working properly. I highly recommend more
Tim Welch
Tim Welch
10:59 29 May 20
The Tech was on-time, friendly, and very knowledgeable and very helpful and engaging when I would ask a question. Even... pointed out a hurricane feature on my door I didn't know I had. Will use them again if I need anything for my Garage more
Marcos Rodriguez
Marcos Rodriguez
16:19 19 May 20
Staff was extremely friendly upon service request. Technician came out during his 2 hour window and was honest on the... work required. Definitely will use again on our other more
SLJA Wooten
SLJA Wooten
22:04 30 Apr 20
Service person was extremely helpful. We will definitely use your company for any future needs. Beside just... identifying and fixing issue , he was very helpful in educating us on proper maintenance we should be doing to prolong the door life . I was also impressed with how quickly you all returned my call to schedule appointment as well as how quickly your service person came out. Thank you!read more
Lovely J
Lovely J
14:46 31 Mar 20
Overhead did a great job. The installer was very nice, prompt, and professional. It was a seamless process to pay and... everything considering what is going on with the virus. The tech took safety measures he wore gloves and we stayed so many feet away. He didn't get offended with me wiping and Lysoling everything down. Lolread more
parrishs8 .
parrishs8 .
13:26 29 Mar 20
I was able to get an appointment the day after I called. The tech who arrived quickly found the problem and gave me two... options for repair, including the cost of each. Also, I was given a discount for being a military retiree. Great company!read more
Josh Dannelley
Josh Dannelley
00:28 05 Oct 16
They came out to my house after we moved because my door wouldn't work properly. They recommended a new door and... within a week they were out to replace it. They did a great job installing my new door! Great company!read more
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Person Using Garage Door Opener To Open Garage-Garage Door Opener Repair

All you need to know about Garage Door Remote/Keypad Replacement

A garage door remote opener is convenient and efficient when it comes to opening and closing your garage door. Choosing the right garage door remote can be a challenging task, but it can be easy if you know where to look. There are universal remotes and those made by individual manufacturers.

Determining the kind of features you want will help ease the process of selecting the right remote for your garage. There are two features of garage door remotes: the full-size which is clipped on your car visor and the mini-size which is clipped on your keychain. The mini-size is preferred by most people because it is safe compared to a full-size one which if stolen can pose a security risk.

With this knowledge, here are considerations to make for garage door remote/keypad replacement:

1. Garage Door Remote Replacement in Pensacola, Florida

When it comes to replacing your garage remote, the first step is always to conduct good research. You should check on the information of the manufacturer and model on the garage door opener motor unit or on the external receiver found on the ceiling of your garage. Using the information, you can purchase a similar model or brand for the replacement. 

Checking on the manufacturer’s information works best for old garage doors because many universal remotes cannot control old garage doors. New garage door systems only require you to purchase the universal remote system from a supplier you can trust in Pensacola, Florida.

2. Consider the Universal Garage Door Remote

The universal remote is convenient and flexible because it synchronizes with the controls of the new garage door models. To program the universal remote to fit the functions of your garage door, you should confirm the details of the manufacturer. It is also possible to program the universal remote to open more than one garage door. For ease of these services seek professional help from a garage door repair expert.

The universal remote can also control the lighting system for your garage and even the main house as an additional feature. If you are unable to find the information on the model and you have a newer garage opener, the universal remote should be considered.

Garage Remote Repair in Pensacola, Florida

Before getting into the details, here are the specifications of garage remotes, therefore, their working mechanism:

The Remote Buttons

The number of devices present in your garage door determines the buttons present on your remote. If your garage has two doors and a lighting system, your remote will have three buttons. Garage door remotes are available with a maximum of four buttons and a minimum of two buttons. The latest models of remote openers have touch keypad, making it easy to operate. Buttons could be damaged, hence, the need to contact a professional or in extreme cases could require garage door remote replacement.

Programming the remote

Old garage door remotes have a small code that goes on and off. The same small codes are present in garage door openers. The newer models have a rolling code technology that functions by changing each time you press the remote. The remote has a radio frequency that communicates to the door opener to either open or close.

The standard unit for a radio frequency is megahertz (MHZ). Garage door frequencies normally range from 300 MHZ to 390 MHZ. Manufacturers usually print the radio frequency on each remote, making it easy for you to select the one compatible with your garage opener.

Programming can be simple, but the best way is to contact a professional in garage door remotes. Though the remote comes with some instructions which you could use to detect the frequency, at times deeper malfunctions could complicate issues, needing the help of a professional. To avoid complete write off of the remote, an expert will handle the issue before it’s too late.

When it comes to universal remotes, they can even be more challenging. You may need to place the dip switches on the remote to identify the brand of your door opener and then synchronize to its radiofrequency. Of course, to a regular person, this may sound like a lot of complex mumble jumble, which is why a garage door remote replacement company like us is here to help. 

The option of Wireless Keypads

Another type of remote is the wireless keypad which is mounted outside the garage door and can be accessed by family members who have no remote. It is simple, efficient, and convenient to use because in cases where the remote is lost one can still access the garage. The wireless keypad is more secure because it requires a security code to allow access to the garage. 

If you also have a temporary guest or a service person, he or she can easily access the garage without any inconveniences. The wireless keypads are available in different designs such as the flip cover. The flip cover has UV-light resistance to prevent the model from sunlight damage. 

Its cover is easily removed and it does not activate the keypad, avoiding premature drainage of the battery. There is also a design with large keypads that allows you to easily read the lighted buttons. The illumination of the keypads allows for better visibility at night, making it easy for you to operate in total darkness without using a flashlight. 

This design also clearly separates the color-coded buttons from the numeric keys, eradicating any chances of unintended activation. The wireless keypad also has an inbuilt unique warning light to alert you when the battery is low, making it more convenient. It requires a 9-volt battery which has a triple lock design feature to retain the battery life.

The wireless keypad can also be prone to malfunctions that call for reprogramming, battery replacement, or other kinds of repairs. To save the cost of having to buy a new remote, contact an expert.  

This is the basic information you need to select a perfect replacement for your garage door remote. Garage door remotes are convenient, effective, and beneficial to your daily garage needs. It saves on time and effort, giving you an opportunity to concentrate on other pressing matters. 

Garage door remote/keypad replacement is a challenging task and so you should approach a supplier you can trust in Pensacola, Florida. Remotes improve the security of your home because you walk around with the remote on your key holder or in your car. The wireless keypads are indeed more secure than the other designs because of the security code feature.

Here are the benefits you stand to reap by call calling a professional garage door remote replacement company like us:
  • Utilization of correct tools that guarantee efficient repair. 
  • You also avoid chances of malfunction relapses. 
  • Saves on time avoiding any inconveniences that can arise due to a broken remote. 
  • Guarantees the best diagnosis for a defective remote.
  • Minimizes the risk of injury from DIY  

Contact us today for your garage door remote repair!

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