Garage Door Repair Company PensacolaOVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR Garage Doors in Pensacola typically last 15-20 years in our area, if they are properly maintained. At Overhead Door & Operator, we are the leader in Garage Door Repairs and if a garage door panel should get damaged, we can easily replace the section, but sometimes a […]

Garage Door Repair PensacolaOVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR Broken Garage Door? Garage doors provide safety, security and convenience to your home. They are strong and can withstand the changing weather conditions throughout the year. With its benefits and advantages Garage Doors also needs maintenance. How can you tell if you have a Garage Door Problem? You […]

Garage Door Repair in PensacolaOVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR What is the Difference between a Torsion Spring and an Extension Spring? A Garage Door has 2 types of Springs.1) The Torsion Spring is located in a shaft above your garage door. 2) The Extension spring are small springs attached to the sides of the garage door.  […]

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Broken Torsion Spring

If your Garage Door Torsion Spring is broken, a few reasons not to try this repair yourself.  The Springs are located by the Goal Post area, above the garage door. The springs are the lifting force that assists in lifting the garage door.   These springs are under Tremendous Force and when they break, DO NOT FORCE […]

Garage Door Repair PensacolaOVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR Does your House Need a Face Lift?   Updating the look of your home is very easy to do when you replace your garage door with the latest designs available in Pensacola. Garage doors normally last 15-20 years in our area, but if you need to update your home, […]

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