In the Pensacola and surrounding areas, we offer Same Day, Garage Door Service Calls for $68.00 and while we are there, we will inspect the following: 

  1. Inspection of Garage Door Springs
  2. Inspection of Garage Door Cables
  3. Inspection of Garage door End Cables
  4. Inspection of Garage Door opener arm and the attachment to the door
  5. Inspection of the Operation of the Garage Door Safety Sensor Eyes
  6. We will inspect the Auto-reverse from the force of the Garage Door
  7. Inspection of gear in the Door Opener
  8. Inspection of the Sprocket on the Door Opener
  9. We will lubricate all Garage Door moving parts
  10. We will inspect the chain tightness of Garage Door Opener as well as cable drive.
  11. We will check for any loose bolts
  12. we will look for corroded wires that need to be cleaned and re-worked on your door opener.

What happens if we discover a problem while out on the Service Call?

You will ONLY be charged for the parts needed to repair your Garage Door. We do not charge hourly fees and you will only be charged for the parts required to fix your door.  

At Overhead Door & Operator there are no hidden charges. Our prices are straight forward and come with a warranty.

Garage Door Service Calls are $68. And we offer a 5% discount for Active Duty military and Veterans. (Please let us know to give you the discount)

OVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR and schedule a $68. Service Call and prolong the life of your door & opener. 

Signs you Need to Schedule a Service Call for your Garage Door in Pensacola:

  1. Is your Garage Door squealing when you operate it? 
  2. Does your Garage Door Bounce when you open or close it?
  3. Have you come home to find your Garage Door “Open” when you closed it as you left your home? 
  4. When you try to close your door, do the lights blink on and off?
  5. Does your garage door pull to the left, or right side when you operate it? 
  6. When you operate your Door Opener, does the drive chain show a lot of slack in the line?
  7. Do you smell plastic burning when you operate your door?      
  8. Have you found mystery parts on your garage floor? 

If you are experiencing any of these garage door issues, Call OVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR and schedule a $68. Service Call and prolong the life of your door & opener. 

Additional Garage Door Repairs we provide for garage door repairs in Pensacola:

  • Repair Broken Garage Door Openers  
  • Replace Broken Springs 
  • We fix Broken Door Cables  
  • We Replace Garage Door Panels  
  • Replace Door Remotes  
  • Stripped Door Gears for Openers 
  • Provide Hurricane Kits  
military discount-Garage Door Repair
senior discount-Garage Door Repair

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