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Does Your Garage Door Squeak?

Know that Garage doors are not totally quiet, However a squeaky one can be very annoying. There are a variety of reason that causes a squeaking garage door.

Why your Garage Door Squeak?

  • Stuck Debris – pebbles, dust, bugs and metals these will create friction and prevent the door to work smoothly.
  • Broken Track – wheels travel through the track, if the track is broken it will result to a squeaky closing and opening of your garage door.
  •  Alignment – When the door itself is out of alignment due to moving parts or a strong force.
  • Chain Malfunctioning – Too tight or too slack because of missing or broken links.
  • Loose Rollers – will also result to a squeaky garage door.

If you can’t figure out why your garage door is squeaking, or lubricants won’t do any help. It would be better for you to call a Garage Door Repair Service. OVERHEAD DOOR & OPERATOR is among the most reliable Garage Door Company in Pensacola, FL. For many years we have been providing homes and businesses with Quality Garage Door services.

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