Garage Door Repair
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Common Garage Door Problem

Garage door maintenance is not something you might think much about. The only time you start to panic about it is when you notice it is malfunctioning.

Why is your garage door not working? When it comes to garage door repair, Pensacola Overhead Door & Operator have dealt with every garage door issue you can think of.

Here are some reasons behind a malfunctioning garage door:

1. Misaligned track, a garage door track that is out of alignment or a gap between the rollers and rail.

2. Broken Spring, if your door is stuck or a sudden stop and won’t go up, then you may have a broken torsion spring.

3. Cables break, a change of speed when closing or opening your garage. Cables help to slowly and safely close and open your garage door. If you heard a loud bang when closing your door and it closes really fast, you have a damage garage door cable.

If you notice that your door is not functioning properly, call a Garage Door Repair Service immediately. Repairing Garage Door is something best left to trained technicians who have the knowledge, skills and experience.

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