Broken spring on garage door

Garage Door Broken in Pensacola, FL?
Pensacola Overhead Door & Operator

We offer a $68.00 plus parts service calls

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Garage Door Repair & Installation

Wayne Dalton Steel Garage Doors

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Repair Garage Door Openers

Replace Broken Springs

Repair Broken Cables

Replace Garage Door Panels

Replace Door Remotes

Repair Stripped Gears for Openers

Provide Hurricane Kits

Did you Garage Door come off the Tracks?

Yes, your know your garage door has a track on both sides of the garage opening that the door rides on that can often be in need of repair. Sometimes the cables get tangled on the Garage Door Tracks.

Garage Door Broken Bearings When the bearings are worn out they let the torsion tube begin to jamb or even cut on the plates. We can easily fix this and free your car from your garage.

Garage Door Broken limit switch Your garage door opener has a switch in it that tells it how far to open and close. Sometimes this goes bad when you forget to grease your tracks, or the Torsion spring has aged.

Garage Door Opener Stripped couplers The piece that connects the motor to the drive system on the opener. What can happen is the teeth on the Plastic part strips and it wont operate anymore.

New Garage Door installation (or new garage door equipment) Sometimes you just need a new garage door, or your panels become damaged.