Spring To A Garage-Garage Door Repair

Broken Torsion Spring

If your Garage Door Torsion Spring is broken, a few reasons not to try this repair yourself. 

  • The Springs are located by the Goal Post area, above the garage door. The springs are the lifting force that assists in lifting the garage door.  
  • These springs are under Tremendous Force and when they break, DO NOT FORCE OPEN your Garage Door, because they Snap with thousands of pounds of force. Leave this repair to the professionals.  

What happens when a torsion spring breaks?

When a spring breaks on a garage door an immense amount of energy being displaced. Torsion springs are mounted over the garage door and they have a shaft running through the middle. When they break, the spring unwinds in less than a second and creates a loud noise due to the coils spinning on the shaft.

Call us today and let us repair your Garage Door spring.