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Garage Door Openers

Whether we see it or not, garage door openers add tons of convenience to the average homeowner’s property. However, just like other components of a garage door, it is not uncommon for garage door openers to malfunction from time to time. Although openers often go unnoticed, should one ever malfunction, you will definitely notice the difference. Even the smallest issues can cause the entire system to break down. And when you’re busy or in a rush, the last thing you need is to wait on is a slow-moving or inoperable garage door opener. Some garage door opener issues are an easy fix, while others are more complicated. Lucky when you find that you need garage door opener repair in Pensacola and the surrounding areas, you can trust RTS All American Garage Doors to provide garage door repair services to have your garage door up and running properly again. Whether you need garage door opener repair or replacement, the garage door technicians at RTS All American Garage Doors is here to help educate you on the best options for your garage door.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door openers can cause a major inconvenience when they malfunction. When garage door opener stop working, the solution can either be a quick repair or may require garage door opener replacement. Let’s take a look at some of the most common garage door opening problems that homeowners face.

The garage door will not open or close

If you come to find that your garage door is not working properly, and the repeatedly trying the remote control or wall switch still does not get the door to budge, it is likely an issue with the power source that is causing the disruption. To troubleshoot, first, check the proper cords and cables to ensure they are properly plugged in. If the problem still exists, the problem may lie with the fuse or circuit. It could also be an issue with the garage door opener motor. If this is the case, or you can’t seem to figure out what is causing the issue, it may require professional garage door opener repair services.

The garage door opens partially

If your garage door opens normally but stops about halfway up, there could be a couple of issues at hand. One, the up-limit switch could be too far from the motor unit. If the problem is with the switch, simply move the switch closer to the unit and see if it solves the problem.

The second possible cause could be due to the garage door rollers being bent, broken, or damaged. When rollers are damaged they can cause the garage door to stop opening at improper places. Lubricating the rollers can help the door open and close more smoothly, but if they are bent or damaged, they will likely need to be replaced. If problems still insist, contact a garage door company to perform a garage door opener inspection.

The door reverses before completely closing

Many people experience a problem with their garage door that results in the door reversing before closing. Oftentimes this will cause the lights on the garage door opener to indicate there is an issue. Oftentimes, the solution is as simple as adjusting the close-force screw settings. Friction in the rollers can send the wrong signal to the garage door opener that the door has reached the floor, making it stop before actually hitting the ground. Be sure to inspect the rollers closely to ensure they are in good, working condition.

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Just like any motorized device, garage door openers will malfunction from time to time. Often, the issue requires quick troubleshooting to get it up and running again, but there are times when professional help is required. If you are having trouble with your garage door opener and are searching for garage door repair in Pensacola, contact Overhead door & Operator! Our team of professional garage door technicians have years of experience and knowledge working on a variety of different garage door opener brands and models. With a quick inspection, our team will be able to identify the cause of your garage door opener problems and offer a reliable solution. Schedule an appointment with us today!