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What to do when your Garage Door Opener Not Working

Imagine how strong and important the lifting mechanisms of a garage door are to safely open and close the door, given that a typical residential garage door can weigh 300 lbs. Garage doors are lifted and closed with the help of garage door springs. If a spring breaks, it can cause a huge amount of damage. As a result, your garage door opener won’t work until the spring is fixed. But what if the problem isn’t really a broken spring?

Here are some possible reasons why your garage door opener is not working:

1. Check the wall switch or remote; there’s a good chance the power source has somehow been interfered with.

2. It’s also possible that the fuse, GFCI outlet, or circuit breaker powering the door opener circuit has tripped. There may be a short circuit somewhere in the system.

3. The motor itself malfunctions. It’s likely that the motor has burned out and isn’t working at all. This is a problem that will require you to call a professional for garage door repairs in Pensacola.

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