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Does your Garage Door Opener stop working?

That mini heart attack when you can’t get in or get out of the garage because you can’t open it! That can be very frustrating and inconvenient at the same time.

What causes your Garage Door Opener to stop working?

  • Check your Safety Sensors, be sure nothing is blocking those electronic eyes.
  • Incorrect Mode – set your Garage Door Opener to the appropriate mode, some garage door opener have very complicated setup and functions.
  • Battery issues – double check the batteries! Sometimes there is no problem at all, except for an empty battery.
  • Sprocket problems – located inside the motor cabinet, if this is jammed expect your door to malfunction.
  • Electrical issues – faulty wirings, chips and boards any of these will trigger the operation of your door.

If your garage door is not functioning properly or is totally unresponsive, call for professional Garage Door Repair Service. It is very tempting to think you can handle your Garage Door Opener problem because of all the DIY guide available in the internet today, but in this case it’s a big NO. Forget all about the tutorials you’ve seen, if the issue involves Electrical, motors and sensors. Only trained and licensed Garage Door Company will fix the issue for safety reasons.

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